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Chair designed for cinemas, theaters and congress halls.

The chairs can be assembled in rows as well as individually.
The chair consists of a metal frame/seat legs/, upholstered parts such as backrest and seat and wooden parts such as the veneered backrest, the seat bottom venner and veneered side panels. The woodem parts are surface-treated according to customer's wishes (various shades of stain and varnish).
Folding the seat is enabled by weight and two haredened plastic brackets fastened to the seat legs.
Upholstered parts are made of plywood onto which foam is attached by adhesive and the whole part is upholstered in fabric or plush (as desired by the customer).
The seat bottom venneer is fitted with a seat number label, and a side panel of the last seat in the row contains aisle light eluminating the row marker.
Proper seating posture is enabled by the optimum ergonomic shape of the seat and backrest.
The chair is 425 mm deep in a folded state (envelope size). The standard center to center dimensions for this model is 550 mm, but it can be larger as per customer‘s requirements.