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Model Meika was designed especially for theatres and concert halls. This model was developed according to clear requirements of the architect for Philharmonic facilities.

Chair consists of a metal frame (leg of the chair or pedestal), onto which a rotating mechanism with seat and finished wood veneer seatboard is attached.

Folding of the seat is provided by weight and two swivel pucks mounted to the frame of the chair on both sides. The bearing framework of the upholstered parts is made of plywood, on which plastic foam is affixed and a upholstering of textile or plush is applied.

The correct seating position is assured by optimal ergonomic shape of backrest and seat. The envelope size of the chair is 638 mm. Standard axial span of chair is 545 mm, but it can be assembled larger as per customer’s request.

Alternative with the folding armrests at the end of the row can be used for disabled people.
Available is also alternative with demountable chair anchored to the plates, which allows quick and easy removal.